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The Association was established on 16 December 1977 by a group of professional safety practitioners. The Association is the first non-profit making organization in Hong Kong to provide a wide range of occupational safety and health information for over 45 years. The Association is one of the consulting organisations to provide advice to the Government on occupational safety and health legislation. We are one of the founding members and regional representatives of Asia Pacific Occupational Safety and Health Organisation (APOSHO). Also, the one of the founding member of The Cross-Strait, Hong Kong and Macao Occupational Safety and Health Symposium. Since its inception in Hong Kong in 1993, it has been held in rotation annually among both sides of the Strait, Hong Kong and Macao.


The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the chartered body and largest membership organisation for health and safety professionals. The Singapore Branch was founded on 28th April 2011 by our founding Chairman Mr Harry Ho and has grown steadily in representing health and safety professionals in the region. The branch promotes a culture of making a difference, shapes the future of the profession and supports our members in creating a safe, healthy and sustainable workplace.


The Malaysian Heavy Construction Equipment Owners' Association (MHCEOA/PAJPBM) is a non-profit organization established in 1991 and managed by members within the industry. The objectives of the Association include providing a common platform for members to engage and benefit from the latest trends and technologies available in the industry, promoting general trade and well-being among members, and representing members' concerns to relevant government departments. Currently, the Association maintains a strong presence and influence in the industry, with a membership exceeding 500 companies across Malaysia.


MOSHPA was registered under the Malaysian Societies Act 1966, Regulations 1984 on the 31st of May 1997. Since its establishment, various activities and programs related to Safety Health have been carried out benefiting its members, the employers and the employees in our country. MOSHPA works very closely with the Government through the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) and the Social Security Organization (PERKESO). The President of MOSHPA sits on the National Council for Occupational Safety & Health (NCOSH) of Malaysia.


ESG Malaysia is the industry body committed to advancing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) services sector in the country. Through promoting ESG awareness, offering resources, training, and networking opportunities, ESG Malaysia empowers practitioners with expertise to integrate ESG principles. Their mission is to elevate ESG standards, drive positive change, and foster sustainable growth in Malaysia's business landscape.

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MySET is a platform that fosters innovation, knowledge sharing, and technological advancement to meet the demands of today's competitive world. It aims to cultivate professionalism and ethical conduct among its members, nurturing them into industry leaders. MySET welcomes the participation of engineers, technologists, architects, quantity surveyors, and other engineering professionals, recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of the modern world. The organization values the contributions of technicians and emphasizes their professional development. MySET engages in research and technological innovation to support the country's development efforts through new materials, systems, structures, and processes. It promotes accreditation, professional system development, and international mobility for engineering and technology professionals. Additionally, MySET organizes education, training, and CPD programs for its members.


The Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia (AOEM) represents physicians specialising in the field of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM). Founded in 2007, AOEM’s aim is to strive for excellence in the practice of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Malaysia. AOEM, the professional body of occupational health specialists in Malaysia is dedicated to promote optimal health and safety of workers, workplaces and environments. As the nation’s workplaces become more numerous and complex, it is imperative that Occupational and Environmental Medicine professionals play an increasingly visible role in the protection of health of workers and promoting wellness within the working population.


MSOSH (Malaysian Society on Occupational Safety and Health) is the oldest OSH NGO in Malaysia, established in 1971 during the country's National Industrialization Policy, which spurred rapid growth in the manufacturing industry. Dr. Chan Jee Swee was appointed Protem Chairman during the society's constitution development meeting on August 19, 1970, and MSIS (Malaysian Society for Industrial Safety) was officially registered on April 27, 1971. Anticipating the enforcement of a potential Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1989, MSIS members decided to adapt and maintain industry relevance, leading to the significant decision to rename the organization MSOSH, broadening its focus to all aspects of occupational safety and health in Malaysia.


MOGEC is an effective platform to promote the advancement of the oil gas and energy engineering profession. MOGEC is involved in activities to represent, promote and safeguard the interests of the industry to PETRONAS, Government, clients and business associates. Through MOGEC, members can be sure that  their voice  is  heard  and  that  people  are  aware  of  the  value provided  by  the  engineering services providers in the oil, gas and energy industry .


At our core, we are dedicated to advancing environmental solutions for a sustainable nation. Our emphasis lies in cultivating environmental leadership to wield a positive impact on society. We actively promote a lifestyle of holistic sustainability that aligns with both national and international goals. Through robust networking, we forge unity locally and globally, fostering a collaborative approach. Upholding professionalism is integral, as we instill ethical values among environmental practitioners. Additionally, we actively raise awareness about environmental concerns and regulations, collaborating with authorities to safeguard the environment.


We aim to uphold the highest professional standards in providing environmental consultancy The initial aim was to look after the interests of its members drawn from all sectors of the environmental business. The current priority is to continue establishing and sustaining a close link with the Department of Environment and other regulatory authorities as well as privatization concessionaires and industries to enable AECCOM members to play a meaningful role


Federation of Malaysian Foundry and Engineering Industries Associations (FOMFEIA) is the national representative body for foundry and engineering related trade and industries in Malaysia. It was established on 7th January 1977 and the membership currently comprises 11 States Associations. Total number of member companies of State Associations has well exceeded 2,000 throughout Malaysia.


Korea Industrial Safety Association(KISA) Is an organization dedicated to preventing occupational accidents at work-places in South Korea. Established in 1964, KISA has the longest-running history of more than 60 years in promoting safety culture and improving workplace safety. KISA's primary goal is to ensure safety of workplaces, and prevent occupational accidetns. To achieve this, KISA offers various OSH training & education programs, technical consulting service, certifications. KISA also conducts OSH research and provides information on OSH to improve policies and regulations.

Media Partners


Archbuilder is a comprehensive information platform that brings out the latest building materials and technology news into the construction industry. We focus on helping manufacturer, retailers, sub-con to publish their product, service, and technology information to the right market. We aspire to lead the market for all developers, consultants, main-cons, architects and designers for all building material technology.

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We explore how Artificial Intelligence and Exponential Technologies bring opportunities for people, organizations, and societies to increase their wealth and health. Our audience is anyone who wants to improve in their career, their business, their investments; who wants to live a healthier, more productive, and fulfilling life; who wants to simplify and improve the education systems of their communities, or who simply wants to understand how Exponential Technologies are changing the world. We publish articles, podcast interviews, and e-books with insights from industry leaders and experts, and use cases of exponential technologies across multiple fields, including finance, healthcare, and education.

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PhoneWorld Magazine is a premium quality magazine for Pakistan mobile Eco System that focuses on the burning issues of the industry be it Policy, Regulations, Operators, Distribution, Application Development, Devices and Academia bridging the gap between all stakeholders in Pakistan providing objective information regarding the new developments in the mobile world. Our objective is to play a vital role in this era of mobile technology and the people that drive this industry as the progress of Pakistan largely depends on the development of the mobile technology ecosystem. Moreover, mobile technology has the power to connect people together for collective progress and socioeconomic development of the country.

Safety Partners

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Women in Safety is a network designed to encourage women working as safety professionals to discuss issues, barriers and to help each other grow and learn. We believe that if we empower women working in health and safety, they bring their best self to work. When women can bring their best and whole self to work, they can make lasting impacts on their workplace and the health and safety outcomes!

Robot Partners

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Featuring an extensive and highly skilled technical workforce, Unionet Technologies Sdn Bhd is committed to serving various industries through its cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence, striving to lead the future of AIoT. Over the years, Unionet Technologies strives to empower everyone to enjoy a better future by building a more convenient, efficient and secure intelligent world through smart home technology, comprehensive machine recognition technology and industrial automation.

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